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13 July 2008 @ 09:36 pm

"All myths have their groundings in the actual generalized experience of ancient peoples, and represent their attempts to impose a satisfactory, graspable, humanizing shape on it. That shape [...] springs from the human mind itself, and it becomes the shape of the world that that mind perceives as "natural", "given", or "true."
This establishes the principle of verum factum: that which man recognizes as true (verum), and that which he himself has made (factum), are one and the same. When man perceives the world, he perceives without knowing it the superimposed shape of his own mind, and entities can only be meaningful (or 'true') in so far as they find a place within that shape. So '... if we consider the matter well, poetic truth is metaphysical truth, and physical truth which is not in conformity with it should be considered false.' "

- Terence Hawkes quoting Giambattista Vico in an introduction to his book, 'Structuralism and Semiotics.'
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